Python client library for Kounta.com

from kounta.client import BasicClient

kounta = BasicClient('client_id', 'client_secret')
for site in kounta.company.sites:
    print site.name



Addresses are physical or postal locations belonging to a staff member, customer, company or site.

  • city (str): City/suburb.
  • country (str): Country.
  • id (int): Address ID.
  • lines (str[]): Address lines.
  • postal_code (str): Postal code.
  • zone (str): Zone/state.


Adjustments to a reconciliation.

  • cash_in (float)
  • cash_out (float)


Cash-ups are end-of-day cash reconcilliations.


Each product will belong to one or more categories.

  • description (str)
  • id (int)
  • image (str)
  • name (int)


Authenticated customers can use checkin service.

  • customer_id (int)
  • duration (int)
  • start_time (datetime)


Companies are businesses who use Kounta at their points of sale. A company may have one or more registers running Kounta on one or more sites.

  • addresses (Address[]): All addresses attached to this company.
  • business_number (str): ABN, ACN or whatever is applicable as the business number.
  • cashups (Cashup[]): Fetch cashups for a company. Refer to documentation for Cashups for more information.
  • categories (Category[]): All categories for this company.
  • contact_staff_member (Staff): Contact staff member.
  • created_at (datetime): When the company was created.
  • currency (str): Currency code.
  • id (int): Company ID.
  • image (str): Avatar image.
  • name (str): Company name.
  • postal_address (Address): Postal address.
  • registers (Register[]): Fetch all registers for this company.
  • shipping_address (Address): Shipping address.
  • sites (Site[]): Fetch all sites for this company.
  • timezone (Timezone): Timezone information.
  • updated_at (datetime): When the company was last modified.
  • website (str): Website.


Customers are people who buy from the authenticated company.

  • addresses (Address[]): All addresses attached to this customer.
  • first_name (str)
  • id (int)
  • image (str)
  • last_name (str)
  • primary_email_address (str)
  • reference_id (str)


Income account.


An amount for a given tax type.

  • net (float)
  • tax_id (int)
  • tax (float)


Inventory indicates the quantity for a given product.

  • id (int)
  • stock (int)


Lines (also called order lines, sale lines or line items) describe the products included in an order.

  • modifiers (int[])
  • notes (str)
  • number (int): The line number. This will start with 1.
  • price_variation (float)
  • product_id (int)
  • quantity (int)
  • unit_price (float)


A geographical location with a latitude and longitude.

  • latitude (float)
  • longitude (float)


Orders are also sometimes called sales or invoices.

  • created_at (datetime)
  • id (int)
  • paid (float)
  • status (str)
  • total_tax (float)
  • total (float)
  • updated_at (datetime)


Payments (also called transactions) are financial transactions related to an order.

  • amount (float)
  • method_id (int)
  • ref (str)


Payment methods are assigned to order payments.

  • id (int)
  • ledger_code (str)
  • name (str)


  • code (str)
  • domain (str)
  • name (str)


Each site will be assigned a price list that determines ex tax unit prices of each item on sale.

Price lists work by overriding prices in their parent lists (just like subclassing in object-oriented programming). The base price list has a parent_id of null.

  • id (int)
  • name (str)
  • parent_id (int)


Products are saleable items in your inventory, including modifier products.

  • barcode (str)
  • categories (Category[]): All categories for this product.
  • code (str)
  • description (str)
  • id (int)
  • name (int)


End-of-day reconciliation.


Registers are iPads or other computers running Kounta.

  • cashups (Cashup[]): Fetch cashups for a register. Refer to documentation for Cashups for more information.
  • code (str)
  • id (int)
  • name (str)
  • site_id (int)


Shifts record staff check-ins, check-outs and breaks.


Represents a block of time when dealing with Shifts.

  • finished_at (datetime)
  • period (timedelta): The timedelta between the start anf finish time.
  • started_at (datetime)


Sites are physical locations, such as outlets, offices etc, at which one or more Kountas will be used.

  • addresses (Address[]): All addresses attached to this site.
  • business_number (str)
  • cashups (Cashup[]): Fetch cashups for a register. Refer to documentation for Cashups for more information.
  • categories (Category[]): All categories for this site.
  • checkins (Checkin[]): All checkins for this site.
  • code (str)
  • contact_person (Staff)
  • created_at (datetime)
  • email (str)
  • fax (str)
  • id (int)
  • image (str)
  • location (Location)
  • mobile (str)
  • name (str)
  • phone (str)
  • postal_address (Address)
  • price_list (PriceList)
  • register_level_reconciliation (boolean)
  • shipping_address (Address)
  • updated_at (datetime)
  • website (str)


Staff members are people who work for the authenticated company.

  • addresses (Address[]): All addresses attached to this staff member.
  • created_at (str)
  • email_addresses (str[])
  • fax (str)
  • first_name (str)
  • id (int)
  • image (str)
  • is_admin (boolean)
  • last_name (str)
  • mobile (str)
  • permissions (Permission[])
  • phone (str)
  • postal_address (Address)
  • primary_email_address (str)
  • shipping_address (Address)
  • updated_at (str)


Daily takings.

  • counted (float)
  • recorded (float)


Each product can be assigned one or more tax, defined as a code, name, and rate.

  • code (str)
  • id (int)
  • name (str)
  • rate (float)


A timezone represents a time offset at a geographical location.

  • name (str)
  • offset (str)